Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday cat selfie: Popoki and her friend

Popoki the cat posing with her friend

Popoki the cat is back in the writing studio full time, after a short hiatus caused by foster kittens. She continues to avoid the company of other cats when she can, although foster failure Fergus is making slow inroads into her heart, so she prefers to stay in the studio where she has all the fun without the business of other cats.

And there's something else in the studio she really likes: This little sock monkey.

I thought I'd let her pose with her beloved monkey for the Sunday Selfie series, as hosted by The Cat On My Head. What do you think?

Popoki the cat with her toy

This toy is about the same size as Popoki, and there's something about it she finds very comforting. I often find her snuggled up to this guy during the day, crossing her paws in the toy's lap while she sleeps.

Granted, this toy is in a chair in the corner of the room that gets a lot of sun. So it's very possible Popoki would sleep in this spot even if the toy wasn't a major attraction. But still. I think it's sweet that she has a snuggle friend.

Popoki the cat with her toy

She's very respectful with this toy, as she doesn't bite it or claw it or otherwise try to harm it. She just likes to snuggle with it.

Popoki the cat with her toy

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And, as always, thanks to our wonderful hosts for the hop. We always have so much fun working on the hop. (Well, I do. Popoki spends a lot of time sleeping.)

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