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Friday, November 21, 2014

November BarkBox review: Pups are ready for Thanksgiving!

This month's BarkBox came with a Thanksgiving theme (naturally). This might be my favorite box yet, as the things included are oh-so adorable. Here's what we got.

Swag Company Cornucopia 
This cornucopia toy was custom-made for BarkBox. The outer shell, which Liam is nicely investigating up top, is filled with a ton of very small, chewable toys that look like seasonal food. I've been stuffing this shell full of the little toys, and the dogs have to figure out how to get those wee bits out. Mind-body workouts like this are great outlets for dogs, and I'm thrilled to have this toy for my two.
Plato EOS Turkey and Sweet Potato Treats 
These grain-free, GMO free treats are chock full of real turkey, and they are easy to break apart. Liam and Sinead love these treats, but they also seem to chew them slowly. That means they taste great and they feel a little like jerky between their teeth.

Petmate Chef Heggies 
This toy is almost too cute for words. Seriously. A teeny hedgehog in an apron with a little chef's hat? Gah. I seriously considered keeping this guy on my desk, rather than subjecting it to dog drool and canine canines. But, Sinead seems to be playing with this toy rather gently, so perhaps it won't be destroyed. At least I hope not...

Safemade Apawthecary Cleaning Wipes 
We're putting in a new lawn this fall, which means my backyard is 100% dirt, at the moment. So, you can imagine my joy at seeing these wipes. They're made to keep wee little paws clean, and they don't contain ingredients that will irritate sensitive paw pads. I love them.

Caru Pet Food Company Beef Stew 
The dogs are bound to be thrilled on Thanksgiving, as that's the day I'm planning to open up this box of all-beef stew. I'll be sure to take video of the gobbling, as it's bound to be epic.

Thanks again to BarkBox for another wonderful month's worth of goodies!