Sunday, June 18, 2017

Great birdwatching in Oregon (even for cats)

Fergus the cat on the windowsill

Last week, I wrote a blog post about pets being named employee of the month. Popoki the cat was the clear winner, beating out her two dog siblings, and I think she was pretty darn proud of herself. (Did you miss that blog post? It's here.) In the comments, someone asked me why Fergus wasn't in the running for pet employee of the month. So I just knew he had to be the selfie cat this week. He has so many fans!

But there's just one problem: Fergus is busy.

It's the time of year in Oregon when birds are plentiful. And we've had some amazing visitors to our little suburban backyard.

Case in point: About a month ago, I heard a great flapping out the windows and saw a shadow cross the sun. I looked out the window just in time to see a great blue heron taking flight out of the yard. I've seen that same guy flapping on two subsequent mornings, so he must be fishing in man-made ponds over here. Fergus is sure he's coming back.

Fergus the cat looks out the window

And a week or so ago, we had a osprey visitor (complete with fish clutched in his claws) on a telephone pole near our house. This was cause for great clucking and clacking from Fergus, as he was interested in both fish and bird, and the two stayed in place for many long minutes until they got spooked and flapped off. Fergus has been watching for them as well.

So he has many little feathered friends to watch for, and that means he doesn't always have time for my camera and my foolishness. You can see how angry he is at being interrupted.

Fergus the Siamese cat is angry

So this might be the best we can do this week. We hope his fans aren't too disappointed!

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