Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 great tips you can use when bathing your pug (or any other dog)

pug in a bathtub
Pugs are prone to an amazing amount of skin problems, including allergies, mange, staph infections and yeast infections. This long laundry list is the reason I bathe my pug once a week, even though Liam absolutely hates it. But here's what I do to make it more tolerable.

1. Skip the stream.

Liam is deathly afraid of the faucet, so I use a plastic bowl to wet him down and rinse him off. He will not stand under a faucet of running water, and I don’t feel like wrestling. Also, using a bowl gives me a little more control:  I can ensure that no water gets on his face or in his ears.  

2. Use good product.

I use the Cloud Star Buddy Wash line of products (This stuff: Cloud Star Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo - Lavender and Mint -- 16 fl oz).  The shampoo is easy to rinse out (very important) and is all-natural.

3. Build in a checkup.

I make sure to feel Liam's skin while I am lathering up the shampoo. I feel for lumps, bumps, and spots that seem painful. That helps me ensure that this guy is healthy, and he also likes the deep massage that comes with a rub-down.

4. Rinse, rinse, rinse.

Leftover product means itchy pug. So I give Liam a long, warm rinse and follow that up with yet another long, warm rinse. During this second rinse, I look at his skin, watching for rashes, redness or other problems that might have been hidden by his thick fur.

5. Make the drying time fun.

After he's been bathed, I rub Liam down with a fluffy towel, fresh from the dryer.  He is usually cold, and that hot towel makes him happy. 

Do these steps make Liam thrilled about his baths? Um, no. But they do make the whole bath thing tolerable. And for him, that might be enough.

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