Thursday, October 14, 2010

The cat litter conundrum: Is clay litter the only option?

cat and her litter box
I have a confession to make: I buy my cats clumping cat litter made from clay. 
I know that this is not sustainable: Cat litter in this form is not biodegradable, and it ends up clogging landfills.

Additionally, most commercial cat litter is made through strip mining, which adds insult to injury.

But here's the thing: I'm not sure I have other options.
I have tried two forms of biodegradable litter: Good Mews and S’Wheat Scoop. These litters were not terribly expensive. However, my picky cats simply would not use them for their intended purpose.

They enjoyed playing with the Good Mews pellets, and they liked sleeping on the S’Wheat Scoop.  This obviously does not help me.

Most cats prefer litter that is very fine and granulated. Most of the biodegradable litter I have tried is just not the right consistency. It's either made up of pellets so large that they seem like toys, or so grainy and somewhat soft, so it seems like bedding.  
I have toyed with the idea of trying another product, such as VetBasis or Nature’s Miracle, but I am a little afraid of the result.

Cats are very particular about their litter. If you do not provide the right sort of litter, most cats will compromise and use the wall, the floor, your bed... anything but the litter they do not like. I cannot bear this idea.  
So, unfortunately, I am sticking to my clay litter for now, and I am hoping for the day when better options appear. 

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