Saturday, October 9, 2010

Have you been to the Lucky Lab in Portland? Take your dog!

Pug at the Lucky Lab with a person and a beer

Portland has over 30 dog-friendly bars and restaurants. Shocked? You shouldn't be. People in Portland love a good nosh. And they love their dogs. A dog-friendly spot lets people enjoy the two things they love, at the same time!

I'm a fan. To me, this is a fantastic way for you to give your dog a socialization opportunity, and you can grab a bite to eat or a tasty beverage in the process.

I've been to many dog-hip spots in Portland, and I do have a favorite: The Lucky Lab in NE Portland. Part of this favoritism is due to familiarity: This is the first restaurant I had ever been to that allowed dogs. The other factor has to do with the beer. It's tasty!

The experience here is fairly typical of dog-friendly bars: Patrons are allowed to sit outside with their dogs on leashes. Dog bowls and water are provided free of charge. Bar food includes peanuts and chips, which are easy to use as treats.

Liam enjoys the Lucky Lab. He has the chance to meet other dogs (that I have a chance to pre-screen for aggression issues) and he is usually surrounded by people who like, or at least tolerate, dogs. We work on his commands and his listening skills while we enjoy our beer and the fresh air of the porch.

So if you're looking for a great place to spend an afternoon, give it a shot! And if you see a tiny pug and me, come say hello!

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