Friday, October 1, 2010

Pet personalities: Do you have party animals or shy guys?

Three colorful cats on an equally colorful couch
We are holding a large party at our house tomorrow, and we're debating the question:  Should we let our cats roam free through the house and meet people?  Or should we sequester them and allow them to be safe in just one room? 

The pros to sequestering:
  • The cats would be safe from trampling feet.
  • Our guests wouldn't feel forced to pet them.
  • They would not eat forbidden food.
  • They wouldn't escape through an open door.

The cons to sequestering:
  • We would have to ensure the door to their room stayed closed.
  • They would not be allowed to mingle (and some of them like to do that).
  • We lose a socialization opportunity for the shyer cats.

We will probably let the cats themselves dictate their own placement, in the end.  As they are cats, after all, I'm sure they have their own opinions.

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