Friday, October 8, 2010

Pet adoptions: The problem with

Pug puppy looking right at the camera
From  "I have a 5 month old (born May 1st, 2010) female registered and certified purebred black pug that I need to find a new home for… We are very busy people so we havent [sic] made alot [sic] of progress on potty training, she will go potty outside and can hold it but we cant [sic] take her outside on a regular basis all the time, so she wears diapers in the house. …However she has an inner eye infection in her right eye. We recently took her to her vet check up and we were told by the vet that she needs to be seen by a specialist. Considering I am moving and my financial status will be changing, I cannot afford to take her to a specialist at the moment..."

The Web is full of these sorts of stories, but seems especially prone to heartbreaking posts like this.  Perhaps the format is to blame:  since there is no word limit, people can spew out details that they edit from traditional newspaper postings.  There, this post would probably read:  "Pug for sale.  Call for information," and I could read that and proceed with the nap I had planned.

I don't like reading posts like this.  However, I do force myself to read them.  I need to remember that it’s still acceptable in this country to treat a dog like an expendable, replaceable object. This family bought a puppy, confined her to diapers, and chose to sell her when she developed a medical condition.  They aren't embarrassed to admit that in a public forum. 

When my friends and acquaintances talk of allowing their dogs to breed, I will bring up this family.  Until you are absolutely that you can vouch for the safety of all the dogs in the litter, throughout their lifetimes, you should not bring any more dogs into this world voluntarily.  The breeder who sold this dog to this family should share the blame for their ignorance of the responsibilities of puppy parenthood.

I responded to this ad, although I kept my opinions to myself. I am hoping they will let me purchase the dog, so I can turn her over to a reputable rescue agency.  The trick will be to pick her up and take her away without cursing at this family.  I will have to remind myself that, in the end, they admitted that the task was too great and they gave the dog up.  They should have some small courtesy paid for that decision.

In the meanwhile, I am looking at photos of Liam, taken when he was 5 months old (shown here), and I am showering him with cookies and peanut butter.  I know we do not have a nap in our future this afternoon.

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