Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bell training your dog: Could this help dog potty-training problems?

Could these dog bells help you deal with potty training problems
My first dog was a willful little Boston terrier who never, ever mastered the art of letting me know he had to go outside to eliminate. Gross, I know.

When I brought Liam home, I vowed to learn from my mistakes.

I started bell training within 24 hours.

There are a lot of different products out there for bell training, and I know of some people who just string up Christmas bells by the door. I wanted to ensure success, so I bought a specific product made just for this. The product: PoochieBells. They're big, so I figured it would be easy for my tiny puppy to make them jingle.

I hung the bells on the front door. Each time Liam looked like he needed to go outside, I would pick up his foot, hit the bell with his foot, and open the door. Additionally, every time he brushed by the bells and they rang, out the door we went.

In one week, he had it figured out. No joke.

I still have two sets of bells in my house, even though Liam is much older now and doesn't require nearly as many tips outside. Having them available has been more fun than functional, at this point.

When little Lucy came home with me and urinated on the floor as she was unsure of where the cat box was, Liam rang and rang and rang the bell to let me know. And, when Liam has been playing a little too vigorously with Eamon, the old cat will ring the bell, hoping we will make Liam go outside and leave him alone. And Lucy has been known to ring the bells when she wants us to pay attention to her.

I would advise all owners to bell train, and keep the bells available. Allowing your animals to communicate with you directly can be both helpful and highly amusing.

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