Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cats and laundry: Do you have a fresh-smelling feline?

Maggie the cat lying on a basket of laundry
Cats love to sleep on warm baskets of laundry. Warm, soft piles of fresh clothes are perfect places for a cat to nap. And aren't they cute when they're sleeping on our clothes? I think so.

But cute as this might be, it isn't always safe.

Cats can move from sleeping on warm, fresh laundry to sleeping in the dryer itself. As amazing as it might sound, people have put their cats in the dryer accidentally. Sometimes the cats come out with minor bruises and shock. Other times, the outcome is much, much worse.

While it's difficult to train a cat, to be sure, I work to encourage my cats to sleep in their own beds. I sprinkle the beds with catnip, I keep the beds clean, I place the beds in sunny corners or low-traffic areas, and I move the cats when they are sleeping in forbidden locations.

I miss that fresh-from-the-dryer smell on their fur, but it's just safer. 

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