Monday, November 1, 2010

The "frog" command: How to teach your dog this adorable trick

Liam demonstrates a perfect frog pose

When Liam was learning the "down" command, I had trouble teaching him to stay put. His belly would hit the floor and he'd pop right back up.

To combat this, I taught him a command I call "frog." When he's in a down position, I flash him the peace sign, say "frog," and he'll splay his knees out behind him. It's much harder to pop up out of this position, so he tends to stay put for longer.

Using a clicker is a great way to teach a novel command like this. You can follow your dog around, click, give a treat and say a word when they do what you want them to do. After much repetition, they will learn that sitting in a certain way or doing a certain thing makes you come running with the clicker and the treats.

Then it's a small step to giving the command, clicking and treating. And then just giving the command all alone.

If your dog already takes up this pose from time to time, try clicking and treating every time you see it, while bellowing the word "frog." You'll have the pup trained in no time!

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