Monday, November 29, 2010

Pug facials: The spa treatment could keep your dog's face clean

Liam the pug is wondering if it is time for his pug facial
As most people know, pugs have no muzzles to speak of. Their faces are compressed and their heads are nearly round.

They're adorable, of course, but while pugs lost bone in the breeding process, they lost no skin. And that can cause a lot of problems.

Most pugs have deep wrinkles around their noses, right underneath their eyes. Most pugs also have watery eyes from time to time. Add damp tears to deep wrinkles and you can end up with skin infections. These typically manifest as redness, combined with a powerful and unforgettable smell.

Pug facials can help, and they're really easy to do.

I clean out Liam's skin wrinkles once a week with a medicated rinse (like DVM Malaseb Flush). I wet a cotton ball with the stuff, wipe out his skin folds, and then dry them off with a fresh cotton ball.

On a good week, we can get through this process with just one wipe. But, there are times when that first swipe comes back with a whole lot of gunk on it. If Liam's eyes have been really watery, or he's been pushing his face into the dirt, he might need quite a few passes of the cleaning wipes. I just repeat that step until the cleansing cotton ball comes back clean. Then I dry things off.

It's not fun for anyone, him or me, but it does keep him out of the veterinarian's office. And for that, I am thankful.

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