Saturday, November 13, 2010

The toy hospital: My dog ruins all of his dog toys

Broken dog toy with stuffing coming out
Liam is very hard on his toys. Tails, toes, ears and eyes are usually the first things to go on any toy I bring home. As a result, he is not allowed to be alone with any of his stuffed toys, and once a week I go through the toy box and look for the wounded and maimed.

Stuffed toys can be quite expensive, so I do not throw them out for minor tears. I stitch them up with thread and a heavy-duty needle. And when I have stitched up the same toy more than three times, out into the trash it goes.

This is extremely rare:  Liam often loses interest in destroying the toy once it has no eyes, ears, toes or tails.

It is important to check your dog's toys for rips and tears. The filling inside toys can clog up a dog's digestive system if he or she eats it, and surgery to remove this obstruction can be incredibly expensive. Tears can also be small and hard to see, unless you are specifically searching each toy carefully.