Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pet lover green tip: Choose eco-friendly cat litter

I have written on this blog about cat litters (I think I even used this photo of Lucy hovering by her cat box). At the time, I couldn't find an eco-friendly cat litter that my cats would use. This was a sting to my conscience, as I know many commercial cat litters contain clay harvested through strip mining. For more on that topic, click here.

Since that time, I have switched my cats to World's Best Cat Litter. This stuff is made out of corn, so it's natural and biodegradable. You can even compost used cat litter. This litter got national attention recently on the Colbert Report.

My cats do not prefer this cat litter, although they seem to moving toward a slow acceptance. I began the process by adding about a tablespoon of the new litter to their old litter. Each time I scooped out the box, I replaced the soiled litter with the new litter. All was going swimmingly until the cats were left with nothing but the new litter in their upstairs cat box. Now they are only using the downstairs cat box, which still contains a bit of old litter.

So I am starting the transition process again. Given the desecration of the environment caused by traditional cat litter, I simply must stop buying it.

If I've persuaded you to even consider trying this new litter, I've done my job. Give it a try!

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