Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pet lover green tip: Use biodegradable dog pickup bags

Dogs like Liam need biodegradable pickup bags
While it may be unpleasant, all dog owners should pick up after their dogs while on walks, hiking and camping.  Dog waste transmits disease, and is incredibly disgusting to walk through (as we all know).

But the way in which we get rid of dog waste is less than ideal. 

It has always troubled me that people put something compostable (dog waste) into a plastic wrapper.  This essentially seals the waste inside of a shell and keeps it from being broken down naturally. And that could have a huge impact on the environment.

Let's do the math.

I use two bags per day, on average.  If each bag takes 100 years or so to decompose, that’s a gigantic amount of plastic I could stuff into the landfill for later generations to marvel over.

Compostable pickup bags are a great solution to this problem.

They do provide an adequate barrier between the droppings and your hand, but they will break down naturally. You may be able to put them in with your compost for pickup. And even if you put them in the landfill, they will break down. Some people advocate flushing the bags themselves, but I have old pipes, so I won’t be trying this option.

So remember: Look for bags that break down the next time you're searching for poop solutions.

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