Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dog and cat toy fight! Why my pets don't share their toys

Liam and Sinead are both obsessed with the same dog toy

This picture may look peaceful, but looks can be deceiving. Liam the pug and Lucy the blind cat are both trying to do the same thing. They're both trying to claim one specific type of dog toy.

The two dog toys culprits are called "Skinneez," and Liam is a big fan. These are long, slim toys with a squeaker at the tail and the nose, perfect for whipping through the air at high speeds.

I like them because they have no button eyes that can come off, and no internal stuffing that Liam can pull out and eat.

So we have many, many of these toys in our house.

Apparently we don't have enough, however, since Lucy has decided that these are also her toys, and she and Liam don't share well.

Lucy likes to carry these toys around like her babies, from upstairs to downstairs and then back. She has to hold her head high as she carries them, as the tails are long and trip her. She likes to play with these toys as well, rolling and rolling with them.

She will steal them from Liam when he is sleeping, and he will rip them from her mouth when she carries them.

No matter how I try, I can't keep them from fighting over these toys. I have no idea why they cannot play peacefully. Lucy could play with the fox and Liam with the squirrel, for example. But if Lucy has the fox, Liam has got to have that same toy.

As I was preparing to write this article, I was looking for information on how to keep them from fighting. I've discovered, however, that there is a huge market for videos of dogs and cats fighting over toys. Perhaps I should encourage the fights and buy myself a video camera. This might make a nice source of income!