Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Loud noises from a blind cat: What in the world is Lucy doing?

Lucy is silent here but she's not always so polite
Last week, I was certain that our old house was haunted.

Periodically, loud banging noises would erupt from the dining room, almost as though someone were pounding on the floor.

Bang, bang, BANG while I was making dinner, upstairs working or trying to sleep.

I was close to calling in a professional exorcist, but then I found the source of all the noise.

This is no ghost.

It's Lucy, working at something underneath a low side cupboard. She scurries from there when I come to investigate, and the banging ceases. The noises also cease when I yell her name.

I've crawled under this cupboard several times, using a flashlight, and I still can't figure out how she is making that noise. She's either pushing up on the drawers with her feet or her back, and letting the drawers fall back into place, or she is biting and pulling on the inside of the cupboard with her teeth, and the banging is her losing her grip.

Lucy is a very demanding cat, curious about her surroundings and eager to call attention to herself if she's feeling neglected. I'm hoping I can catch her making this noise, so I can see what is so fascinating, but in the interim, I suppose I'll just keep yelling to make her stop.