Thursday, March 31, 2011

How big will my kitten get?

tiny kitten sleeping
Eamon at 2 months old.
adult tabby cat
Eamon at 10 years old (in the same chair).
The internet is full of articles that help you determine how large your puppy will be when he or she grows to adult size. If you have a purebred dog, it's yet easier, as detailed information about adult dog breeds has been kept for decades.

Unfortunately, determining the sizing of cats is much trickier.

For example, I've seen articles that suggest that doubling the weight of a 4-month-old kitten will give you a good estimation of the adult cat's final weight. This hasn't been accurate in Eamon's case.

I thought that a real-time comparison might provide a touch of accurate data. So here goes.

At 4 months old, Eamon weighed about 5 pounds. Technically, he should weigh 10 pounds. Instead, at age 10, he weighs 13 pounds. He weighs close to 5 pounds more than he should.

And still, he's a skinny little guy. I can feel his ribs underneath his skin, and there's no belly swing when he's walking. In my opinion, he should probably weigh about 16 pounds.

So what's my new calculation?

Use a kitten's weight at 8 months, when the wee one has been through a spay/neuter surgery and has a much more stable metabolism. Double that weight, and you'll have a better idea of adult cat weight.

Or if you can't wait that long, triple the weight of a 4-month-old kitten to determine the weight of the adult. That method might also provide more reasonable results.

Want more data? Check out the one cat size article I can find here. For dog lovers, this is just one of many calculators available online.

And if you've just brought home a little kitten, consider investing in this book: Outsmarting Cats: How To Persuade The Felines In Your Life To Do What You Want.

With training, you might be able to avoid some of the issues Eamon and I have dealt with, including aggression and picky eating.You'll be glad you nailed down training early, believe me!

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