Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dealing with a queasy dog: How to help a nauseated pet feel better

Liam the pug is feeling queasy
I've been transitioning Liam to new dog food, in the hopes that I can tackle his allergies, reduce his itching and make his skin healthier. While I am definitely seeing improvement in his skin, the transition hasn't been altogether smooth.

Last week, I discovered that cottage cheese is simply too rich for his delicate digestive system, and he threw up his lunches very soon after eating them. And then, a vitamin powder additive I tried also caused stomach upset, and I spent a sleepless night listening to him burp and smack his lips.

It's not uncommon for dogs to get a little queasy when you're transitioning them to new foods. In fact, it's not uncommon for dogs to get queasy at all.

Most dogs will eat things before even considering whether or not they're actually tasty, which can lead to nasty stomach upset. Liam's been known to eat anything he can gobble up on our walks, including garbage, cat poop and decomposing leaves. Once it goes down his gullet, it's too late to do anything about the problem. And often, he regrets his choices later.

This article outlines causes and treatment of nausea in dogs. I follow these guidelines closely, although I would add once small tip. Dogs who are nauseated can need a little extra love and attention from you. Nobody likes to feel nauseated. By providing your gentle, calm attention, you can help your dog calm down and feel better.