Friday, April 15, 2011

Springtime in Oregon: How dogs and cats feel about it

Cat huddled in front of a space heater
Springtime in Oregon means two things: It's cold and it's wet. Neither of these situations make my animals very happy.

Early morning walks with Liam become torturous, as he dislikes walking in the rain and will hang back on his leash, hoping I will turn around and head back home. If the weather is wet enough, he returns home soaking wet and I return with wet feet and a bad attitude.

Eamon dislikes the cold. He's growing older and simply cannot seem to deal with cooler temperatures without complaining. Most mornings, he curls up to the radiator I keep in my work room, sneaking closer and closer to the heat source with each passing minute. He sometimes has to push my wet shoes out of the way (which means they don't dry as quickly, but I try to forgive) so he can stretch out on his side in front of the radiator.

Here's hoping the weather will turn soon. I think we're all ready for spring.