Friday, April 1, 2011

How to celebrate your cat's birthday

Lucy is ready to celebrate a birthday
Lucy checks out the loot.
As I was researching ways to mark my cat's 10th birthday, I was struck by the sheer amount of bad advice out there. (Sing a song to your cat? Slap a new collar around his neck? I don't think my cats would appreciate this sort of treatment.) To help future partiers, I thought I'd compile a list of cat birthday suggestions that might be useful and/or fun:
  • Buy your cat catnip/based treats. Eamon received both a catnip-filled cigar and a ball of pressed catnip. He loves catnip, so this makes an appropriate treat. 
  • Use a laser toy or feather toy to play with your cat. Spend one-on-one time with your cat.
  • Run a load of towels through the dryer, and heap them on your cat's favorite napping spot. Most cats love something warm, warm, warm to sleep in. 
  • Make yourself a cake. After all, you've done your part to keep your cat healthy and happy for a year, so treat yourself to something you love. (I made a chocolate mocha cake with mocha buttercream frosting. Yum!)
  • Donate to an animal charity of your choice, in honor of your cat. 
  • While it may not be fun, now is also a great time to schedule your cat's annual veterinary exam. You'll remember to make the call every year, and good health makes a great gift. 
As a final thought, some websites suggest that you provide your cat with a special treat on his/her birthday. I'm not certain that this is a wonderful idea. Many cats develop indigestion when their food is suddenly changed.