Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Be kind to animals week: How to mark the occasion

Lucy is ready to celebrate animals
The governor of Oregon has named this week "Be Kind to Animals Week." Many other states are celebrating animals this week as well with celebrations and parties. A quick search on the internet yields several stories about how you can honor animals during this week by donating money or having your pet vaccinated or buying your pet a new toy. These are all noble ideas, and I agree that more can be done to show your pets you care on a daily basis.

I also think we should take this week to think about the less-fortunate critters in our midst. After all, this week is about animals and not just about domestic pets. So, I'm planning to do my part. I am going to install a hummingbird feeder, to provide food to migrating birds that may need the nourishment. I'll also put out seeds for our resident squirrel population. And, I'll continue to talk to my neighbors about the importance of retraining our neighborhood coyotes.

For more ideas on how to honor your pets this week, click here.