Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How a home-cooked diet could help your dog

Liam the pug is enjoying his home-cooked diet
Liam has been on a home-cooked diet for about a month now, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Here's why:
  • His face is much less red.
  • When I clean his facial folds, I rarely see any yeast colonies. 
  • The skin between his toes is turning from scarlet red to deep brown. 
  • He spends a lot less time chewing and digging at his knees. 
Those benefits are huge, and they aren't really surprising. I thought Liam's skin allergies would improve when he was on a better food.
The big change, however, has been in the quality and quantity of his coat.

Suddenly, Liam has long, overlapping hair on his belly that's simply never been there before. (I can't show it in the photo without making him take some sort of pornographic stance, but believe me that it's there.)

It's a little sad that he's growing this hair right now when the weather is warming up, but I am very pleased that his little system is doing well enough that he has the energy to make so much new hair.

I'm excited to see what else will happen as Liam continues to improve on the new diet. I'm hoping it won't mean yet more hair, though. If he sheds any more, I'll have to invest in a new vacuum. 

For more information on making a home-cooked diet, check out this website. The little chi in the photos is pretty cute, and the information is quite helpful.