Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dog training: The blooper reels

Yesterday, I posted some film of Liam performing his "back up" trick with extreme accuracy. Watch that film and you may think that I am the best trainer in the history of pug training. In the interest of honesty, today I will post the misfires. They're funny, yes, but they also demonstrate some common training problems.
When you have treats that are impossibly tasty, your dog may try to do the trick long before you give the command. Liam performs the trick too early, and then covers up by performing another trick instead.
Sometimes I put the treat on the floor and make him back up from the treat on the floor. In this video, he tries to gobble up the treat before I'm ready and then totally forgets what we're doing.
And here, well, he totally forgets what we're doing and performs only one part of the trick. (And I have bad camera work.)

I suppose I must retire by training crown for now and get back to work.