Friday, June 10, 2011

When your yard is overrun with spiders

Spiders on a pipe in an Oregon yard
Last year, I wrote about spiders on this blog. We had many, many extremely large spiders building gigantic nests in front of our doors and windows, and I felt sure that we were having some sort of banner spider year. (Missed it? Read it here.)

It looks like this year will be no better.

Everywhere we turn, we're surrounded by these tiny brown eggs. When you touch them, these eggs explode into small spiders who veer away on their little webs. There must be at least 100 by our back door.

I know that spiders are beneficial in the garden. They kill aphids and ants and mosquitoes. We want them in the garden. We just don't want them in the house. So we're dutifully removing them from the doors with paper and transporting them to the garden.

Over and over.

Every day.

Is there a better way? Not really. Killing the spiders means letting insects run wild in the yard. And all of those bugs will bring in more spiders. The critters we kill make space for new critters. There really is no end.

For more information on spiders in the garden, click here. Once you read, you may decide that you need them. I can't say that it's worked for me, but it might work for you!