Friday, July 22, 2011

Liam the pug turns 4! How we will celebrating his dog birthday

Liam the pug snuggled with his older Boston terrier brother
Baby Liam with older brother, Seamus.
Today is Liam's 4th birthday. In four years, he's tripled in size, learned over 10 tricks, been to the vet 20+ times and has, in general, been an absolute joy. I can't imagine my life without my little pug dog in there somewhere.

So it only makes sense that I would try to figure out how to mark the day of his birth in some way, without getting freaky enough to hold a party with guests. Even I think that's going a bit overboard.

Therefore, I've been on the hunt for something special. And I think I found it in The Tin Shed. This is a great Portland-area restaurant that serves organic food at reasonable prices, and they serve entrees designed specifically for dogs. There are a few meal options to choose from, in fact, and they make the meals in the kitchen. No kibble allowed!

We take Liam here once per year for his birthday, and he truly loves it. He adores novel foods, of course, but he also likes to go to dog-friendly places and revel in the attention of strangers.

We've spent a lot of time during the past year working on Liam's social skills, so he can be around other people without completely freaking out and wailing his fool head off. We'll put that training to the test tonight, and here's hoping he's up to the challenge. If he's good, there's a special stuffed frog in his future.

I know it might seem a little crazy to celebrate this dog's birthday. But I know I am not alone. Most major cities have at least one restaurant in which people can dine alongside their dogs. And, even small towns have bars and pubs that allow pets to sit in the outdoor sections.

So if your dog's birthday is coming up, why not head out for a family meal? It's a great way to mark the occasion, and do a little training, all at once.