Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pets make a 4th of July plea: Make the fireworks stop!

Liam the pug covers his eyes with his paws
Those darn fireworks! I need my beauty sleep!
Last night, our house sounded like it was smack in the middle of a war zone. Our windows rattled with big booms. Small crackling sounds seemed to be coming from all directions. Whistles punctuated the air. It seemed like nearly everyone was lighting something on fire.

Liam, who is usually pretty unflappable, got a little nervous in the middle of all of this commotion, and I had to place him in the bedroom with a loud air conditioner running full blast to muffle some of the noises. He fell asleep fairly quickly.

We were lucky.

Many of my friends report sleepless nights spent comforting their terrified animals. Others talk about looking for their animals that ran away to escape the noise.

According to this article (now inactive) from the local news, many other people were even less lucky. Many fires were started in the Portland area as a result of fireworks. Many families are homeless, and two businesses were severely damaged. One dog was caught in a burning home, and that dog died.

Now, why is this fun?

Is it fun to light things on fire and terrify small animals?

Is it fun to catch businesses on fire?

Is it fun to light homes on fire?

Am I the only one who hates the firework tradition?

Next year, I may spend this week in Canada on holiday, as long as I can ensure that my neighbors won't burn my home down in my absence.