Friday, July 15, 2011

Please spay/neuter your cats

This little kitten is very curious about the camera
There's no doubt that a curious kitten is incredibly cute.
Many people simply love to look at little kittens. Just go to Instagram and run a search for the word "kitten." Then see how many "likes" each post has. It proves my point.

Little kittens are soft, funny, strangely fierce and often very affectionate. I love them myself.

But I disagree with some kitten lovers out there. 

Many of these kitten lovers allow their cats to have litter after litter of kittens, which allows them to enjoy kitten fever. These people might find homes for every single kitten that comes from their adult cat. But there's still the little problem of math.

In 6 months, those little kittens can start breeding and having their own kittens. And those kittens have kittens. Some experts say that just two kittens can add up to a whopping 80 THOUSAND kittens in 10 years.

I mean, really. I love kittens. But it doesn't take a math whiz to understand that there simply aren't enough homes for all of these cats. And that people who keep on having more and more cats are adding to the overpopulation problem. Every litter they have could be part of that 80k kitten issue. 

And sometimes, breeding kittens can overwhelm even dedicated owners. 

These people may not be able to afford a neuter surgery on one cat, and the next year, they may have six or eight surgeries to save up for. It's just too much for anyone to bear.

And it happened to one Oregon family—and the family ended up with 17 cats. Think about living with 17 cats for a moment, and how much you'd pay in food and cat litter. How could you ever hope to control the problem? The family realized this, fortunately, and the Oregon Humane Society was prepared to step in to help. Unfortunately, the home caught fire in the interim. Several cats were killed, and others were injured. See this link (no longer functional; sorry!) for more information. I can't help but wonder if this family could have had a better outcome if they hadn't been enduring the stress of living with so many cats. It's tragic on so many levels.

It doesn't have to be this way. If you can afford to have your pets altered, do so right now. Don't delay. Play with kittens at the shelter to get your kitten fix. Just don't let your cats breed.