Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's time to celebrate Black Pet Appreciation Month!

Black pets like Jasper have longer wait times in shelters
Believe it or not, black dogs and cats have a hard time getting adopted. For some reason, people aren't drawn to the velvety fur of a black animal and they tend to get passed over ... and over. Some rescue organizations are working to change all this.

In fact, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is declaring mid-August to mid-September Black Pet Appreciation Month. (I'm not sure why it doesn't go from the start of the month to the start of the month, but I wasn't involved in organizing it.) The idea is that black pets will come with reduced adoption fees during this month. And the organization has created a ton of information that could prompt people to look at the black pets they've been walking right by as they shelter shop.

Best Friends Animal Shelter is pretty far away, but you don't have to travel to take advantage of the special. One shelter in the Portland area that is participating is Animal Aid. They have many, many black dogs and cats that would be eligible under this plan (and they're all pretty darn cute).

I should point out quickly that the Oregon Humane Society is not participating in this program. They did declare today Black Pet Day, but they're not offering a discount anywhere. You can, however, get one cat for half the adoption fee if you adopt another at full price. Adopting two black cats might be a great way to celebrate Black Pet Month, wouldn't you think?