Monday, August 22, 2011

Blind cats at the dentist: Lucy's appointment recap

Lucy in the window after her dental appointment
Her beard got a tad matted during the ordeal, but she doesn't seem to mind.
A few weeks ago, I wrote up a blog in preparation for Lucy's appointment with the dentist. Despite all the plans and instructions I had pulled together, I was just sure that something would go wrong. (Missed that blog? It's right here.) I'm happy to report that things went swimmingly. 

The technicians were able to put in Lucy's arm catheter without my assistance (which is quite a feat). I stayed in the lobby, in case they needed me to hold her down for her arm shaving and needle poking, but she let the team handle her just fine. They didn't even need to restrain her tightly, they tell me.

I left for home, and the team got to work. They report that she remained quiet and docile throughout the procedure. Apparently, she likes this clinic quite a bit, and they did a wonderful job of making her feel comfortable and cared for.

They also allowed me to pick her up very, very early so she could continue her recovery at home. She was a bit of a drunk for the first few hours, and I attempted to gate her in one room, but she simply climbed over the gate and walked where she wanted to walk. Now, she seems completely normal.

Once again, I am reminded that these blind cats are incredibly resilient. I had made several plans based on the idea that she needed special treatment, because she was blind. As it turns out, she needed no special treatment at all, and she was a little resentful that I attempted to provide her with coddling.

I can't promise that I have learned my lesson and I will treat her just like my other cats from now on. It's not in my blood. But I know she'll keep reminding me in her own, gentle way that she doesn't need the babying I seem to need to provide.