Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cat and dog pee killed my lavender plant

I declare this plant dead. Note how the cats have already marked the sign, too.
About a month ago, I had a spectacular lavender plant. It was big, bushy and put up beautiful, blue lavender stalks. I had high hopes that the plant would continue to grow and take over the nearly empty corner of the flowerbed I had reserved for it. Oh, it would be so beautiful.

Unfortunately, the neighborhood dogs and our outdoor cats had other ideas.

Every passing dog felt the need to pee on our poor plant, and then our cats would run over and mark it themselves, just to make sure the dogs knew the plant was spoken for. By my calculations, the plant was doused at least 15 times per day.

Lavender doesn't like to get wet. The roots tend to rot when they have been wet for a long time. And urine, whether it belongs to a dog or a cat, is high in nitrogen and that burns plants and kills them.

So, the plant began to wither away a little at a time and now it's completely dead. We even tried putting out a little sign to keep people from allowing their dogs to pee on our plant, but the cats keep dosing the plant with pee, and they hit the sign now, too.

Even though it's unsightly, I will probably leave the plant there. If I remove it, I'm afraid the critters will target the other lavender plants I have in that flowerbed and they all seem to be (mercifully) alive right now.

Dog pee can also cause dead spots on the lawn, for much the same reasons. This blog has some great ideas to help you tackle that common problem.

And are you ready to replace that dead plant? This might be a good option: Findlavender - Hidcote Blue Lavender Plant - 4in Size Pot - (1 Live Plant).

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