Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dog days and frog legs

frog dog
No, he's not praying to Mecca. He's trying to cool his belly on the floor.

According to the experts the "dog days of summer" technically take place from July 3 through August 11, when the dog star rises and sets with the sun. Many people, including me, have their own definition of the term. I use it when the daytime temperatures reach 80 for more than four days in a row. Using this definition, the dog days have finally arrived in Portland.

As a pug, Liam has a lot of trouble in the heat. When the temperature rises above 80, he can no longer take an afternoon walk. When the temperature rises above 85, he can barely make it outside for a quick potty break without panting and taking a rest when we arrive indoors.

When he's on the verge of panting, but not quite ready to take that final leap, he'll lie down in this frog-leg position.

This is a bit of a controversial subject for many dog chat sites, particularly in dog sites for Golden Retrievers. Some veterinarians say that dogs who lie this way have excellent hips, as they can control the ball and socket of the hip and rotate all the way out in this way. Other veterinarians say the ability to lie this way shows the hip is too flexible and the dog will have trouble down the line. There are some puppy buyers who will, or will not, buy a puppy based on whether or not the dog can frog.

I have no idea which stance is correct. I do know most pets will apply their stomachs to the cold floor to cool off. It's quick and efficient. Plus, it's also kind of cute.

For more information on the term "dog days," click here.  And to see just one example of a dog frog leg discussion, click here. And try a cooling mat! A dog spread out on one of these things actually has the opportunity to get cool. It could be a great help.

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