Friday, September 2, 2011

Kittens thrown from van in Portland: Let's catch the perp!

Tiny kitten with her Boston terrier brother
Yesterday, someone driving a gold minivan on North Peninsular Avenue and Willis Boulevard at 7am, and committed a terrible crime. The driver opened the window of the moving car and threw out three small kittens, one by one.

Let's just think about that for a minute. Someone threw these live creatures, weighing less than one pound each, out of a moving car. These kittens were about the size of my foster kitten, Cricket, shown in the photo at the top of this blog entry. Look how small she is! Look how helpless!

Someone who was driving behind the van, stopped and saved two of the three kittens. A third was found and later brought in for veterinary care. One kitten died as a result of the injuries. One kitten may have severe nerve damage. One kitten appears to be normal.

Abandoning an animal is a crime in Oregon. Killing an animal is a felony. Whoever did this must be caught and forced to give up any other animals that person has. Don't forget: Those kittens had a mother somewhere. I would bet that mother is in terrible danger, living in a home with someone who could throw tiny kittens out of a moving car.

If you know something about this crime, contact the Humane Society here (link no longer active). There is a $1,000 reward waiting for you, along with my eternal gratitude.

If you have any animals at home and they haven't been spayed or neutered, contact your local humane society and ask for help. Oregon has many, many low-cost spay and neuter programs to help you.

Throwing kittens out of a car isn't a solution.

It's a felony.

Alter your pets, please.