Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prednisone use in cats

Eamon the cat can hop on his bed with the help of prednisone
Over the weekend, when Eamon had his episode of staggering and weakness, I was almost certain he would never recover. The symptoms seemed so severe, and he seemed so painful, that I was certain he would only be with us for a few days (Missed that post? It's here.).

He seems to have other ideas in mind.

At our visit, the veterinarian prescribed a low dose of prednisone. This is a common treatment for animals with spinal problems, and I was told that he might improve on the medication. While he remains a bit weak in his back legs and he sleeps more than he did before this began, he does seem much improved. He can hop up in his bed, run down the stairs and eat his food within a reasonable amount of time. His personality has also returned, and he's been visiting in my workroom every few hours, just like he used to do.

We return for a followup visit tomorrow, and it's possible that we'll move from this drug to another drug to help control his back pain. Some cats do stay on predisone for long periods of time, but I'm not certain that's the plan for Eamon. We'll see what his doctor says.

To read more about predisone in animals, click here and here. The information is good on both these sites, but I should mention that there are many typographical errors to wade through. Grammarians should prepare for a tooth-grinding read.