Friday, October 7, 2011

How to help vision-impaired cats (hint: Utilize your local animal aid societies!)

This pretty kitty with the wide eyes has a vision problem
I have many friends who are passionate about animals. Most of us have rescued many animals on our own time, and using our own funds, and we have homes full of animals that no one else wanted. This doesn't keep us from torturing ourselves with stories of animals that need help, however.

This morning, a friend of mine sent me a link to a advertisement, and it has me a bit angry.

The in this ad cat is a purebred Persian. I have no idea where this person got him, but she's had him for 2 weeks and she's decided she's spent too much money on his care and she's trying to give him away to a new home. He needs a eye surgery, and she can't/won't pay for it. She states she'll need to euthanize him if someone else won't adopt him.

Why in the world do people rescue cats if they don't intend to truly help them? Why take in a sick animal only to boot it back out again for being sick? Rescue work takes money, and if you don't have money, you can't do rescue work on your own. You can donate to rescue organizations, you can donate your time to rescue agencies, but you shouldn't be taking in these animals if you can't afford to pay for their care. Now this cat is facing death or adjusting to a new home after having a painful surgery. Both of these are terrible options.

So what can this owner do instead? Plenty:
  • Contact a Persian cat rescue. This cat is a purebred animal, and has a decent shot at being placed through a dedicated agency. 
  • Contact a blind cat rescue. When this animal is done with surgery, he'll be vision impaired and eligible for placement at one of these organizations.
  • Contact Animal Aid. This group can provide financial assistance to people who cannot afford needed medical care for their animals. They may even be able to take the cat in for needed medical care. 
I feel terrible for this cat, and I am outlining these options for the poster in an email. Let's hope she takes my advice.