Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reminder: Come to the House of Dreams Auction and help cats in need!

Towels up for auction for the House of Dreams
Remember these beauties? They're up for auction this weekend!
Earlier this year, I wrote a post encouraging my readers to make items to donate to the House of Dreams auction. As a show of support, I made these little tea towels myself, and I donated them to the cause. On Saturday, from 10a to 4p at Tabor Space, my lowly tea towels and a variety of other crafts will be up for auction. All of the proceed will benefit the House of Dreams.

For those of you unfamiliar with the House of Dreams, a bit of background. This shelter is tucked away in a residential Portland neighborhood and houses a rather large number of cats. These cats have ample access to clean and cozy beds, and they are often gathered together on the sun-soaked windowsills.

Volunteers keep the place spotless, and the cats are given many socialization opportunities. In fact, they all live together as one large clan.

When I visited, I was amazed to see so many cats living together quite peacefully. The older cats seem to provide a calming vibe the younger cats emulate. House of Dreams is a no-kill shelter, and some cats have been residents for 10 years or more. These old dudes know how the place works, and they quickly whip newbies into shape.

For people who love cats and who are looking for innovative solutions to the pet overpopulation problem, it's hard to beat House of Dreams. Some cats are placed in loving homes, but if no suitable homes are found, the cats live out their lives in a beautiful, clean and calm environment. I think House of Dreams is doing amazing work, and it's a cause worth supporting.

So plan to attend the auction on Saturday! The address for Tabor Space is 5441 SE Belmont in Portland. You might walk away with some pretty awesome tea towels (or something else that's equally wonderful) and you'll help the cats in the process.