Friday, December 30, 2011

Confusion about Multnomah County Animal Shelter

Resident shelter cat Maggie seems underwhelmed

While cruising through the pet-related news reports today, I stumbled across this very interesting article about the public's perceptions about Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS). According to this article, people believe that MCAS is only involved in picking up unwanted, injured or dead animals and that MCAS tends to euthanize animals if they aren't picked up within three days.

By contrast, people believed the Oregon Humane Society (OHS) was involved in placing animals in loving homes.

Some people who adopted from MCAS were so confused that they insisted that they got their animals from OHS, even when they came from MCAS.

Frankly, I find this study deeply depressing. For starters, MCAS does a significant amount of good work in the community. The shelter workers take in all sorts of animals that no one wants, and they may spend months trying to find the right homes for these animals. They are careful to spay and neuter the animals before they're adopted out, and they often provide a significant amount of medical care to help sick animals recover so they can be adopted.

This work is paid for by our taxes, and by the licensing fees we pay for our animals. That is just one reason that I am adamant about keeping all of our pets licensed. The fees go to good causes (and, it's the law, people!).

MCAS needs a bit of a facelift, perhaps, but people should also remember that the shelter is stuffed to the gills with animals who need homes. Often, adoption fees at MCAS are lower than adoption fees at OHS, and the animals are just as deserving. I know many people consider OHS the first stop for pet adoptions, but I worry that MCAS is simply being ignored, hiding in the shadows of OHS.

Take a look at the animals available at MCAS by clicking here. Today, you can adopt a pet from the shelter for only $30. This is an amazing deal. Let's spread the word and help MCAS.