Friday, January 6, 2012

Cat hair: How long does it take to grow back after surgery?

Eamon the cat sporting a patch of shaved hair on his neck
Eamon seems offended at the very idea of this article.
In September, Eamon had a bit of hair on his neck shaved away. The techs wanted to see his vein so they could grab a sample of blood, so out came the clippers and away went the fur. Since we went to an emergency clinic, rather than a kitty beauty parlor, the clip job was a bit rough with jagged edges and uneven spots.

At the time, I didn't think too much about it. But now that four months have passed, I'm beginning to wonder if that hair is ever going to grow back.

As it turns out, cat hair grows depending on the climate. When Eamon had his fur clipped, he'd already transitioned to his winter coat and he'd been through one complete session of shedding and regrowing hair. He is still growing hair, of course, but the process is moving a bit slowly because we're in the middle of a season. If I'd clipped him in August, right before a shed, it's possible that he would have grown this hair back much faster.

So, he has a tiny soul patch of fuzzy fur underneath his chin that doesn't quite match the rest of his fur. Each day it fills in a little more, but it's unlikely that he'll completely erase the shaving edges until the springtime, when he transitions out of the winter coat into a soft summertime coat.

I'll try not to embarrass him by taking any more photos that highlight his hair loss.