Monday, January 30, 2012

Pugs, clinginess and the underfoot factor

Liam the pug sleeping right beside my desk
My home office, in all its glory.
When I was reading pug breed descriptions, I kept coming across some variant of this sentence: "Pugs live to be with their people." At the time, I had no idea what this really meant. Liam seems bound and determined to teach me this lesson.

All day long, while I am hard at work, Liam is in his little bed about 6 inches away from my feet. If I'm not careful, I roll over the edge of his bed when I push back for a drink of water. If I leave the room, he leaves the room. When I come back, he comes back.

He's uncomfortable if we're more than about 2 feet apart, and if we are separated, he'll come running to my side and act as though we haven't seen one another in years.

Some dogs develop separation anxiety, and will howl and scream if they can't see their owners. Liam has touches of this disorder, but he will happily stay in his bed for hours at a time, if he is given cookies and toys and peanut butter. I'm not trying to explain a disorder here. Instead, this is just his basic pug-related M.O. He is a very attached, very loving, very person-oriented dog.

This is a pretty important point to get across for you pug-owning-wanna-be people out there. This sort of attention can be a little annoying. Forget about having alone time. The pug will always be there. Forget about doing stretches on the floor. The pug will be in your lap. Forget about sitting in complete silence. The pug will be snoring at your feet.

For those of us who adore our pugs, this is ideal. It takes some getting used to, for sure, but now that I'm adjusted, I wouldn't have it any other way.