Friday, January 20, 2012

Seeing eye pugs

An old photo, but a good one.
From time to time, I write about the love affair that takes center stage in the Dion pet household. From the moment they met (two or three days before this photo was taken), Liam and Lucy have been nearly inseparable. When Lucy was a kitten, unsure of where she was, she would walk beneath Liam with her back arched and in constant contact with his swinging belly. If the two were separated, she would cry out and he would run to her with reassuring kisses. Liam had to come to all of her veterinary visits, just to make sure she survived the process, and she would reach her little paws out of the carrier and pat him on the face as we sat in the waiting room.

Now, they're a bit less functional in their affection, as Lucy can get around pretty well without any help, thank you very much. But, they continue to snuggle through most of the day and they have a wrestling session most evenings. Now, it seems that Lucy provides Liam with help too, bathing his nose when he's fighting off infections and hauling his toys up the stairs so he can play with them when he doesn't feel like going down there to get them himself.

Up until this point, I thought this relationship was unique. Turns out, I might be witnessing a breed trait. This story recently ran in the Oregonian, describing a relationship between an adopted pug and a blind Chihuahua. The author suggests that pugs make good seeing eye dogs due to their easy-going personality.

So I guess my couple isn't so unique after all. Who knew?