Monday, February 6, 2012

Dogs barking at the television and computer

Liam the pug prepares to bark at the computer
Note the pricked ears. Liam prepares to bark as the commercial plays.
Over the weekend, I discovered a hilarious video showing dogs dressed in Star Wars costumes. They barked out a theme from the movie, and there were so many details to catch, that the thing worked best if you watched it five or six times in a row.

I did that. And now Liam the pug hates me.

As much as I might try to convince him otherwise, he's certain that I've got an entire herd of dogs lodged inside the computer and he's determined to bark at these dogs and scare them away.

This reaction isn't unique, either, as this video and this video and this video demonstrate. It seems that many dogs hate this commercial.

Dog training experts like this person claim that you can train your dog to stop barking at the television and the computer by providing treats whenever the animals appear on screen. If that's true, perhaps this commercial could function as a training tool for a whole generation of barking dogs.

The force lives on!

But in general, when your dog begins to bark at a computer screen, it's best to bust out the headphones. It might seem silly or funny, but dogs really find this whole thing stressful. They think they're being invaded, and they get worried. Why stress them out for your own entertainment? Use your headphones instead. Your dogs will thank you.