Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Luxury cat beds: Do your cats really need them?

Eamon and Lucy the cats are snuggled up in one bed
Look closely. There are two cats in this image.
There are literally hundreds of websites out there that are selling so-called "luxury" cat beds. Manufacturers are making beds with memory foam, heating elements, elevated bases and built-in toys. And, of course, each entry is provided with a requisite photo of a cat looking blissfully happy on this bed.

In the past, I've fallen for this stuff and I've paid way more than I should have paid for fancy beds. Now, I don't even bother. It seems that the most popular beds in my house are the beds that cost next to nothing at all.

Currently, the primo sleeping space is located to the left of my desk, nestled right up against the wall. The base of this bed is pink, and it used to be an entire bed, until the dog tore the stuffing out of the bed and made it an uncomfortable flat piece of fabric with high and fluffy sides. Since I can't stand to throw anything out, I filled this ruined bed with a towel and scraps of sheepskin I had floating around. It seems this ghetto bed is incredibly comfortable.

Lucy was the first to stake a claim, and this isn't really surprising. She has always enjoyed spending time in my workroom. But soon, Eamon decided that he, too, would like to try out this bed. He's a flopper, known for hogging up the entire bed if given half the chance, so he leaves no room for anyone else. Lucy compromises by just settling down on top of him. He works as an extra cushion, I suppose.

So no more "luxury" beds will enter this house. If my cats love the cheap beds, I love them all the more for it and I'm all too happy to oblige.