Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Really cheap dog toys for a rainy day

Liam posing with a very cheap dog toy
Who needs toys when you have a plastic bag?!?
As I mentioned yesterday, it's been far too wet for Liam to take his customary afternoon walk. (It's even snowing here now, if you can believe it.) Since he won't go for a walk in this weather, I've been trying to come up with quick things he can do in the evening to burn up some energy. Sometimes this is pretty simple. I just wave my arms around over my head like a crazy person and he starts running around the living room like a wild man. After a few laps, he's done for the night. But when the arm-waving isn't enough, I must resort to more severe methods of supervised play. Last night's diversion came in the form of packaging materials.

This stuff is available pretty much everywhere, and it's far from the sort of toy you'd leave a dog alone with. The photo below demonstrates my point quite well.
Liam the pug tearing packing materials
Rip and tear! Rip and tear!
Left to his own devices, Liam would probably just eat this thing and off we'd go to the emergency veterinarian. But, with the proper supervision, this makes a fine toy.

Liam enjoyed trying to bite this toy, and tossing it over his head seemed to be great fun. He particularly enjoyed the toy when he was able to split it into three separate shells full of slobber. Then, he could run with a shell in his mouth, and play a good game of keep-away with me.
Liam the pug with a very cheap dog toy
How he can see around this thing is beyond me.
After 15 minutes of play with this "toy," Liam was spent and ready for a good nap. Well worth the price (which was zippo), if you ask me. Tonight we may try a variation with balled-up newspaper. Here's hoping I have the same level of success.