Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pug foster parent: Could you be one?

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Don't you want this view?
Pacific Pug Rescue has sent out two urgent requests for foster parents within the last several weeks. I know that many readers of this blog are pug lovers (please keep sending me your photos!), so I thought I might do my part to explain the benefits of fostering pets.

I've fostered two cats during my life. One was surrendered to the veterinary clinic I worked for when her beastly children guardians threw her and broke her jaw. The other was found wandering in the street at 2 weeks old, and was quickly brought to the same clinic. I know that fostering cats and fostering pugs are two very different things, but there are some benefits that can be shared between the two sets of experiences:
  1. A sense of accomplishment. Helping small and needy animals to feel better and function more efficiently is always a bonus, and many animals that enter the foster care system need this sort of medical attention. 
  2. A feeling of empowerment. Watching horrible stories on the news about abuse and neglect is bound to make any animal lover feel distressed about the state of the world. By helping just one animal, you're doing something about the problem, and this could make the sense of despair ease a bit.
  3. Basic fun. I simply love getting to know little animals and sharing my home with them. I obviously can't have a zillion cats or a zillion dogs, so my ability to meet the new is limited ... Unless I take in a foster. 
  4. Filling a need. It's a basic fact that homes are few, especially in this economy, and for many rescues, the need is dire. If you can help, you certainly should. 

Being a foster parent isn't always a walk in the park. Saying goodbye to creatures you've nurtured, trained and loved can be wrenching. But, I believe that helping the little ones, especially when you see them walk into the arms of people who are clearly prepared to provide a forever home, is an amazingly rewarding experience. I'll never forget my two little fosters, and I hope to open my home to more fosters in the future.

Won't you consider opening up your home to a needy pug? Find out more information here.