Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pug people problems: Dealing with all that pug hair!

Liam the pug lying on a floor
Liam apparently finds this whole idea hilarious.
For those of you who don't have pugs of your own, I have bad news: Pugs shed. In fact, pugs are considered "super shedders," because they lose their hair all year long. Unlike other animals who just lose their hair once or twice during the year, pugs do this all darn year long. This can have a serious impact on decorating choices.

I recently went shopping for a new rug for my workroom, and I absolutely fell in love with a poppy-themed rug. This thing had elements that were both classic and modernist, and it had all of the colors I was trying to pull together in this room. There was just one problem: It had gigantic red elements.

As you might see in the photos taken when I had a red rug in this room, this isn't a color that goes well with tan pug fur. In fact, I think red is almost the worst color you can possibly have if you're trying to hide gigantic amounts of pug hair.

In addition, this rug had a Berber weave. I love Berber, as I think the nubbled texture is visually interesting, but it's also adept at capturing the nails of small dogs running at high speed. Pugs dig their claws in when they run, and it would be simple enough for Liam to catch his precious toes on the rug in the workroom as he goes through his afternoon episode of crazy pug.

So, in the end, I settled for a tan rug with a traditional weave. I like it, but it wasn't my favorite choice in the store. At least it will probably stay nice-looking without a daily dance with the vacuum, and it won't get pulled by little toenails. I suppose that's reason enough to find it acceptable.

If you're planning to live with a pug, be prepared to live with shares of beige and brown. And be prepared to vacuum a lot. Do that, and you'll have a good shot of ignoring that hair. Good luck!