Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Pug Crawl Photos

Liam the pug in his Mitt Romney costume
Liam in his Romney carrier costume.
Yesterday was the Oregon Humane Society Pug Crawl, and at first, I thought we'd never make it. The weather here was rainy and cold, and I was sure Liam would never set foot outside in those conditions, even with the promise of a million pug buddies to play with. But, when the afternoon rolled around, the sun came out, and we were off! Here are a few photos of the pug costumes we loved. Many are political, befitting the theme of this year's crawl.
Pug wearing a costume decorated with American flags
Flag waver!
Pug wearing a presidential campaign button costume
Best use of an e-collar, ever.
Pug dressed like an American eagle
This year's winner, although she refused to walk in this getup.
Pugs dressed up in support of healthcare reform
Pugs for healthcare reform, complete with a patient, a nurse and a doctor.
Pug dressed up like Captain America
Captain Ameri-pug. (Check out the pink pug in the background, too)
Pug dressed like a flying monkey
Flying monkey.
Pugs dressed like Winnie and Tigger
Winnie and Tigger (prepared for rain, too).
Pugs dressed like Donkeys and Elephants
Donkey, with his buddy the elephant getting prepped in the background.
Pug pulling his person in the 2012 parade of pugs
Setting out for the parade!
Liam the pug with his tongue hanging out
"Boy, did I have a good time! See you next year!"