Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creating a dog costume for the 2012 Pug Crawl

A pretty pug in a red dress
A contestant from last year's pug crawl, looking adorable.
Today, I realized that the Oregon Humane Society Pug Crawl is just weeks away, and I haven't even thought about Liam's costume yet. Yikes!

Last year, Liam went to the event with just a spangled dog collar, and I felt a little silly. We were surrounded by hundreds of pugs, and while many of them were not dressed in clothing that related to the theme of the show, all of them had on at least some sort of costume. And, most of them were in handmade costumes that the owners had clearly put a lot of time and thought into preparing. Just check out this guy dressed like a Voo Doo Doughnut. Made me look like a slacker.
This pug is dressed like a Voodoo donut
Note the hat doesn't sit on his head. Very clever!
This year, I promised myself that I'd make a costume for Liam, and that we'd walk in the Parade of Pugs with pride. Now I just have to figure out what to make. The theme is Pug Nation (vaguely political), so coming up with a concept won't be hard. It's making the concept work that will be a bit tricky.

Pugs are remarkably tolerant, and they really don't mind wearing costumes, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when dressing an active guy like Liam:
  • The costume can't trap heat. Coats, sweaters and things made of plastic are likely to cause him to boil right over. He must have a costume that allows his skin to breathe.
  • He will pee. As a male dog, peeing is a bit of a hobby for Liam. Suits that don't take this into account are likely to get soggy. 
  • Pugs tussle. He'll probably wrestle a time or two, so his costume will need to come right off when the need to play strikes. 
  • Other pugs might snack. No edible components should be included.
At this point, I have two costumes in mind, and I'm planning to make them both within the next week. Then, I'll have Liam wear them about the house, and get used to them. My favorite idea may not fly, as he might not keep it on, but I'll be sure to take pictures of both sets and pop them up here.