Wednesday, May 16, 2012

When it comes to dog beds, bigger isn't always better

Liam the pug in is very small dog bed
Liam snuggled in his new favorite bed.
When I go shopping for dog beds (which I must do fairly regularly, as this dog tends to shred the things he loves), I am always drawn to huge, luxurious beds. Perhaps I have a secret wish to have my own California king bed where I can sprawl out and not touch the edge of the mattress, and I'm sure that my dog would feel the same about beds I buy for him.

The truth is that small, snuggly dogs often like small, snuggly beds. They can stay warmer in beds like this, as the beds tend to trap body heat. They can also use the side of the bed like a pillow on which to rest their weary heads. And, the beds make twirling around before lying down a bit easier to accomplish. In a big bed, Liam does at least 10 circles before lying down. In a small bed, he only does one or two cursory loops. Perhaps he just has less ground to cover so he feels fewer loops are needed, although he won't share his reasoning with me.

In a multi-ped household, small beds also have another important role to play. Large beds seem to invite other pets to come in and join the snuggle. Small beds really only have enough space for one pet. Since Liam is often beset by small, cold cats that want to snuggle up to him for warmth, he finds this small bed very appealing. The cats may hop in, but since there is absolutely no way they can lie down in such a small area, they hop right back out again. He can have the whole bed to himself.

In a way, this is a sort of pet California king bed. No sharing means more room. My dog might be smarter than I thought.