Thursday, October 25, 2012

Switching to a new raw dog food

Liam the pug is ready to eat his food
Liam praying I'll say, "Okay."
I've been feeding Liam a raw diet for well over a year now. On this diet, many of his skin problems have simply disappeared, and we're no longer dealing with horrid gas or endless vomiting episodes in the middle of the night. Since it took me so long to find just the right kind of food to give to this dog, you can imagine my distress when I found that Liam's food isn't for sale ANYWHERE in Salem. I was a little shocked, to be honest, as the food I'd been providing was sold almost everywhere in Portland. I even bought it at Whole Foods.

Anyway, shock and anger only gets you so far when you have a hungry dog on your hands that needs to eat some kind of dinner, so I took the plunge and switched to a new raw food, Nature's Valley Instinct Raw. Of the choices that were available at the Salem pet food store of my choice, it seemed to have the lowest fat content and the largest number of ingredients I could immediately recognize. It's an inexpert way to choose food, of course, but I honestly thought Liam wouldn't be able to eat this food. He's been so difficult to feed that I never dreamed I'd be able to simply pick a food, put it down and experience no ill side effects. I was just sure I'd only buy one bag of the stuff, and then bring half of the bag back when it didn't work. I just hoped I'd have time to investigate a new option in the interim.

Turns out, I was wrong and Liam has done wonderfully well on this food. I transitioned him slowly over a period of many days, and now that he's eating this food exclusively, I am still not seeing any digestive or skin problems. He also seems to really like the taste of this food, and it's easy to portion it out for his meals.

I also just got really lucky. According to online reviews I've read of this product, experts agree that the ingredient list is pretty close to ideal, and the company has a good reputation for providing a quality product at a reasonable price. So far, it's a product I would recommend for almost any pug. Liam certainly seems to like it.