Friday, February 15, 2013

Barfing cats can break your heart (and ruin your crafts)

Lucy the cat relaxing on the couch
Relaxing, post-barf.
The lovely, feathering fur on a long-haired cat takes time to clean, and Lucy's perfectly barbed tongue allows her to get into little cracks and crevices and keep herself silky and shiny. She even has extra tongue to share, and she grooms her little housemates quite happily. She'll even groom me, if I'll let her. Anyway, all of this hair has to go somewhere, and often, it ends up in a pile on the carpet in a cold, gooey mess covered in cat food.

Even though Lucy is blind, she has a knack for knowing right where things are inside the house. Often, she uses this sixth sense to when she's preparing to hurl, and she staggers right over to the one thing in the middle of the room so she can put her vomit in the place where it will do the most good. Shoes, rugs, clothes on the floor, the dog bed... these are all great places to let fly.

Last night, though, she took this ability to a whole new level.

When I'm not writing or dealing with the animals, I like to work on crafting projects. Right now, I'm working on a very complicated project from Ehrman Tapestry, involving multiple shades of purple and a very complicated color chart. Last night, Lucy knocked that color chart off the coffee table and onto the floor, and then she let fly right on the patterned paper.

That's right. She barfed on my project.

It's hard to get mad at Lucy, as she's just doing what cats are designed to do. I'm also thankful that she only threw up on the paper, instead of throwing up on the sewing I've managed to complete thus far. But it does make me a little sad. Why not throw up on the New Yorker? Why not stick with the tile floor? Why hurl at all? She's not talking.

In the interim, my husband has asked the company to send me a new color chart. Crossing my fingers that they'll send it soon.

My craft project is covered in cat barf
Thanks, Lucy!