Friday, February 8, 2013

Let the stampede begin! 45 Marion County dogs need homes

Eamon the cat curled up in a ball
Eamon is clearly thrilled by the news.*
Earlier this month, I wrote this blog entry about a huge animal rescue operation the Oregon Humane Society conducted in Marion County. At the time, I was desperately looking for some sort of silver lining, hoping that this kind of animal abuse might never take place in the future. Today, OHS gave me something to cheer about.

Apparently, 45 of the dogs that were rescued are doing well enough that they're ready to transition into new homes. The adoption process will begin on Wednesday, and it's expected that people will come from all across the state for the opportunity to take these little guys home.

When these major crises happen, it's common for Oregonians to wait in line for hours for the chance to adopt and the abused dogs tend to leave the facility pretty quickly. That's great, but I encourage everyone to look at all of the dogs that OHS has up for adoption. There are critters in OHS cages that have been waiting for a long time to go to a great home, and while their little faces might never have appeared on news reports, they're just as cute and deserving of a home as is a wee guy who spent time in that Salem warehouse. Abused animals need a second chance, but other dogs in that facility also deserve to sleep in warm beds at night and nap in pools of sunshine during the day.

I hope these 45 dogs fly out of OHS on their adoption day, and I also hope that they take some of their canine counterparts out the door with them, and perhaps a kitty or two. That would be the best possible spin on this terrible story of abuse.

* Ever wonder why I don't just pull photos from public websites in order to illustrate these stories? Read this article.