Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Animal photobombs: When good pets are photo hogs

Liam the pug photobombing Maggie the cat
"No, it's time for MY closeup!"
I've heard of other pet owners who have little cats and dogs who hate to pose for the camera. These guys run away when their owners break out the cameras, and they always have their eyes closed when the shutter clicks. I feel for people like this, as it's unlikely they're ever going to get any good photos of their pets, but I seem to have the opposite problem over here.

I like to think I run an equal-opportunity blog in which all of the animals I have are allowed their moments to shine. However, I also have a pug who loves to be the center of attention and he will storm into the middle of almost any photo as a result. Very often, I just give up and then crop him out of the photo later, but he seems to have caught on to my tricks and now he's butting his giant head in front of the other pets, so he can't be cropped out.

Good thing he's so cute!

I've heard that this is a pretty common phenomenon. It's so common, in fact, that it has its own specific word: Photobombing. The Huffington Post has created a pretty impressive slideshow of close to 130 of these things (and counting), and most of them are of animals. It seems that I am not alone.

So on future blog entries, if you see a blurred hand in the corner, I'm probably trying to wave Liam out of the picture. Or I might just leave him in there from now on. We'll see.